Let's Collaborate.


These are the services that I currently provide under my business. However, please do not hesitate to reach out for any type of artistic project you have in mind. I am open to any kind of creative brief and I am always willing to try new things.

Before Reaching Out...

Please provide me with the following details right away:

1. Which type of service you would like to request.

2. A brief description of the project, including a list of deliverables.

3. A schedule of the assignment with the final delivery date.

4. A proposed budget for the assignment and in which currency.

5. A copy of your contract as soon as possible.

*I do not start any assignment without formally signing a contract first.

Please have one readily available. I can provide my own as well if necessary.

For a quote request, please provide me with the following:

1. A brief description of the project, including a list of deliverables.

2. The context and duration of where, when, and how the work will be used.

3. A timeline of when you will need the deliverables by.

4. Any other info you think is important. The more details, the better.

For licensing pre-existing work: 

Please paste the link to which image you would like to use and under what context.

I will provide you with a quote accordingly for the usage fee.

Please note, for all project inquiries, the requested schedule, usage, and rights can

all greatly affect pricing. Projects with rush deadlines, deadlines that require overtime

work hours during the weekends, and full buyout usage rights will be subject to pricing

increases. All terms can be negotiated further with me via email.


Business Hours

M-F: 9AM - 6PM  Eastern Time, UTC/GMT -4 hours


Location: Toronto, Canada

Please expect a response within a few hours. I can conduct business in both English and Chinese (Mandarin) as well. 

It is my standard practice to first negotiate a proper contract before starting any assignment.


I maintain a strict policy that the budget, schedule, usage and terms have all been fully consented to by both parties in a legally binding contract before starting any work. If the terms and budget cannot be negotiated right away due to a rush deadline, then they must be open to negotiation while working on the assignment. Please let me know right away if you have a contract readily available for me to look at, as usage and terms can greatly affect the pricing. If you do not have a contract, I can provide my own to be used.

Thank you.

Do you have a written contract available?

Thanks for submitting!