Playtest of 'The Collapsed Space' in VR on the Oculus Quest 2 Headset.

The Collapsed Space VR (Ongoing, Work in Progress - Expected Completion: May 2022)

The Collapsed Space is an ongoing virtual reality research creation project for my MDes thesis project at OCAD University. The project involves collapsing two vastly different spaces between my living space in Toronto, directly connecting it to my grandmother’s house in Shanghai, China. I will explore the ways that digitalmaking practices can be used to reconnect with my individual memories andChinese heritage. This interactive virtual reality piece will becreated primarily using Unity and Blender and developed for Oculus VR. Theformat of virtual reality will be the core of my thesis, centering all of my design choices around making acompelling and immersive VR experience, attempting to bring out the most out ofthe medium’s potential. Creating a video game VR piece will also allow me toself-determine narratives to represent my Chinese diaspora community, makinguse of its unique ability to allow the player to become embodied within the artpiece itself.

The primary objectives of this thesis will be to evolve my background in 2D artmaking within illustration and expand upon it by adding interactivity throughmotion, narrative, and game design to create a visceral and immersiveexperience. This will involve breaking down thedesign and aesthetic choices used within my illustration practice and analyzingthe ways that it expresses aspects of my own identity. My other objectivesinclude creating a compelling experience within virtual reality that will notonly contribute towards expanding the field itself, but also allow for morestories from my community to be told as a marginalized creator

Primary Advisor: Emma Westecott, Secondary Advisor: Immony Men

DevBlog Posts of Ongoing progress documentation
06.30.21: First Blog Post - Greyboxing 
10.21.21: Second Blog Post - VR Playtesting 

Google Slides Progress Documentation

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